The Dozenal Society of America

The Society is a voluntary nonprofit educational corporation, organized for the conduct of research and education of the public in the use of base twelve in calculations, mathematics, weights and measures, and other branches of pure and applied science.

Join Us!

You are invited to join the Dozenal Society of America! The only requirement is a constructive interest in duodecimals.
Dues include a subscription to the Duodecimal Bulletin. We depend on you! Annual dues are due as of 1 January. Make your checks for only one dozen six dollars ($18.) payable to the Dozenal Society of America and receive an electronic copy of the Duodecimal Bulletin. Join at the Supporting Member level at three dozen dollars ($36) and receive a paper copy of the Duodecimal Bulletin. Student dues are $3. A limited number of free memberships are available to students.
Our continued work depends very much upon the tax deductible dues and gifts from our Members.

Download our Membership Form and send it in today!

Regional Meetings!

The DSA is rolling out a new regional meeting program. Check it out here.

2012 Annual Meeting

Join us for our Annual Membership Meeting!

Nassau Community College
Room D3097.
Friday 27 July 2012, 2 pm (Friday 23; July 11E8;, 7 duors.) We’ll handle some organizational business, discuss the website and the internet archive, the latest and planned Duodecimal Bulletin issues. The full agenda wil materialize in spring 2012. The Members of the Society have always been a gregarious group; come join us for dinner afterward.

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