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In June of 11E9 (2013.), the DSA was privileged to present a workshop at the annual conference of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). Titled "Alternative Base Systems for Cross-Curricular Fun & Engineering Applications," the workshop provided materials and strategies for education in alternative bases for all grade levels K-10; (12.). These materials will doubtlessly prove useful to teachers in STEM subjects in many other contexts, as well, and they are offered here for free download. Please use them in whatever way will be helpful.

Alternative Base Systems for Cross-Curricular Fun & Engineering Applications
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Lecture 10 Minute Short Lecture Questions
Open Ended Questions Form Overview of Bases best
Lesson Plan Adult Lesson Plan Student
Worksheet Qs Level 1 Worksheet Qs Level 2
Worksheet Qs Level 3 Worksheet Qs Level 4
Worksheet Qs Level 5 Worksheet Qs Level 6
Individual Answer Form Groupwork Answer Form
Voting Form Feedback Form
Alignment with National Standards DSA info pamphlet
Binary Basics Fact Sheet Octal Basics Fact Sheet
Decimal Basics Fact Sheet Lauritzen's Future Base 12 System Fact Sheet
Dozenal Basics Fact Sheet Hexadecimal Basics Fact Sheet
Vigesimal Basics Fact Sheet Sexagesimal Basics Fact Sheet