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Whole Numbers 80; (eight dozen) through 8E; (eight dozen eleven)

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401-80 (1999)
DSA’s first website,
Country’s “Numbers and
Number Systems”,
consumer preference

402-81 (1999)
Errors in Sumerian
kingship terms,
Churchman’s Doremic
system reprint

411-82 (2000)
Schiffman’s congruences
in base-16 divisibility
tests, Kelly’s “Copy
Book Wisdom”

412-83 (2000)
Metric Big Brother,
Patten’s “Future of
Counting and Measure”
Mathematica conversions

421-84 (2001)
Anti-metrication letters,
Pythagorean triples

422-85 (2001)
‘Metric martyr’ loses,
“How Metric is Europe?”

431-86 (2002)
“Almost Base Twenty”,
“Dozenals in the

432-87 (2002)
Whillock’s “In Defense
of Natural Measures”,
Dozenal calculator,
SSNs, Prime repunits

441-88 (2003)
“Drastic Measures”,
letters describing
dozenal chemistry,
watches, duodecades

442-89 (2003)
BMWA warns: sneak
attack, English measures:
scientific importance,
“Irregular Dozenal Digits”

451-8X (2004)
Punter’s dozenal
calculator, “Some of
Our Story”, “Eggsactly
a Dozen” reprint

452-8E (2004)
Reverse notation reprint,
Metric trouble in Britain,
The five dozenth
Annual Meeting

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Culture Wars within and without

The DSA enters the age of 9/11 still producing exploratory articles. Editor Jay Schiffman pens rigorous mathematical studies of hexadecimal divisibility tests, and illustrates how Wolfram Mathematica is an asset to conversion among the number bases. A strong draft of anti-metrication sentiment materializes in Volumes 41; through 43;. It seems the culture wars of the age have found their way into the perceptions of Euro-government’s drive to decimalize all nations. Often couched in the guise of “Big Brother” style “fascism”, government-mandated compliance with SI-metric units begins to be seen as an affront to private liberties in Britain. There is a ‘Metric Martyr’, letters howling against forced abandonment of traditional measure, questioning whether Europe really is truly ‘metric’. The Duodecimal Bulletin considers other number bases “ecumenically” in articles about Mayan near-vigesimal, Prof. Schiffman’s hexadecimal, and sexagesimal errors in Sumerian dynastic lists. A couple articles look back on the founding of the Society. Some favorite articles are reprinted, such as Prof. Malone’s “Eggsactly a Dozen” (A Simple Approach to Dozenal Counting) and J. Halcro Johnston’s “The Reverse Notation”. Continue »

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