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Whole Numbers 60; (six dozen) through 6E; (six dozen eleven)

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314-60 (1988)
Bulletin Index
Vols. 2X;-31;


321-61 (1989)
Index addenda,
Paquette’s dozenal
essay, Dr. Rapoport’s
dozenal computer quiz

322-62 (1989)
Schiffman’s “Fundamental
Operations”, part 2,
“10;0 = One Dozen”,
The communication age

323-63 (1989)
DSA Constitution
and By-Laws

Trigg obituary,
“2B or not 2B”

331-64 (1990)
P. D. Thomas, Newhall’s
“Nu-Age Calendar”,
Dr. Impagliazzo’s “Music,
Scales, & Dozens” part 1

332-65 (1990)
“Music, Scales & Dozens”
part 2, Trigg’s
2nd order dozenal
digital root bracelets

333-66 (1990)
G. Zirkel’s
“Binary Coded Digits”

341-67 (1991)
Schiffman’s survey
of dozenal fractionals,
Hammond’s acclaim for
Binary Coded Digits

342-68 (1991)
Smith’s best base essay,
History prof’s long
hundred, Trigg’s
prime palindromes

343-69 (1991)
Schiffman’s “Remarkable
Prime Numbers”,
Churchman’s “Metrons”,
Scientific notation

351-6X (1992)
Long hundreds,
Earliest dozenal book,
Schiffman’s “Superprimes”

352-6E (1992)
Conversion to ten,
Brost’s “Dyhexal”,
Colwell’s dozenal essay,
Hansen’s dozenal music

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Questioning with a Smile as the World Wakes up from History

As the Berlin Wall comes down and the Cold War world melts away, the Dozenal Society of America continues in its peaceful examination and exposition of the qualities of base twelve. Dr. Impagliazzo explores music and the dozen, a topic John D. Hansen, Jr. returns to later. The long hundred, conveyed twice by Jens Ulff-Møller, PhD., fascinates those gathered at Nassau Community College in 1991 and 1992. Gene Zirkel’s “Binary Coded Digits”, describing Bill Schumacher’s seven-segment digits, thrills Don Hammond across the pond, and like-minded dozenalist fans of the LCD display-style numerals. Mr. Charles Trigg passes away, yet leaves a legacy of articles published postmortem which celebrate dozenal recreational mathematics. Mr. Churchman’s 1975 summation of his “metronic” system of weights and measure finally appears in Vol. 34; No. 3. The Society continues to meet annually, and Dozenal Jottings continue to pour in. The sustained dozenal “peace”, the eager questioning with a smile, continues into the nineties. Continue »

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