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Whole Numbers 50; (five dozen) through 5E; (five dozen eleven)

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2X1-50 (1985)
Duodecimal palindromes,
Reverse notation
revisited, “Who We Are”:
Dudley George

2X2-51 (1985)
G. Zirkel: “Strange Bases”
Part 1, Johnston
obituary, “Unfulfilled
Prophecy”, Test 1

2X3-52 (1985)
“Strange Bases” part 2,
Perfect numbers base,
2 & 4, Newhall’s
“Efficient” numerals

2E1-53 (1986)
“Strange Bases” part 3,
About duodecimal
logarithms, A simpler
conversion notation

2E2-54 (1986)
Schiffman’s Ternary
decimals, Conversion
algorithms, Test 2,
Self-descriptive nos.

2E3-55 (1986)
Smith’s “Two-Way
Numbers”, TGM reviewed,
“Number Bases
Elsewhere”, part 2

301-56 (1987)
Trigg’s Pentagonal
numbers, Schumacher
obituary, “Number Bases
Elsewhere”, part 3

302-57 (1987)
“Doman Numerals”,
“Same Numeral,
Different Number”,
Test 3

303-58 (1987)
Newhall’s Accuracy
scale, “Nude” numbers,
Fortran conversion
scripts, Dek & el

311-59 (1988)
Singmaster’s Dozenal
in antiquity, Brost’s
Origins of dozenal

312-5X (1988)
Casting out ‘base
minus one’, Antiquity
revisited, Test 4
and conversion rules

313-5E (1988)
Square integers,
Dr. Rapoport’s Dozenal
clock, Schiffman’s
Fundamental Operations

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Serene Explorations

This sixth duodecade of issues continues a serene exploration of the mathematics of base twelve. The Society’s Members interact continuously with the DSA through the “Dozenal Jottings” department. The Annual Meeting minutes in many issues seem to reveal a tight knit group of folks having a good time under the banner of twelves, and at banquets after the meetings. New puzzles and musings abound in nearly every issue. The Bulletin bravely publishes a debate regarding our Egyptian ancestors’ possible dozenal tendencies at Vol. 31; No. 1, a view flatly rejected in the next issue by Messrs. Whillock and Singmaster. Practical tools like the Fortran conversion scripts and Dr. Rapoport’s dozenal clock appear in the Bulletin. Charles Trigg explores mathematical series in dozenal, Prof. Schiffman covers fundamental dozenal operations, Prof. Zirkel touches on symbology and other topics. A reprise of sorts regarding SI-metric: the idea, even to this day, hasn’t quite breached the American public’s affiliation with the US Customary measurement system. Articles at Vol. 2X; No. 2 and the book review at Vol. 30; No. 2 page E; (#) seem to show metrication is not inevitable and its foreign adoption is usually the effect of government force. The Society seems solid and strong throughout this stretch, and the questing, delightful vigor continues into the next duodecade. Continue »

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