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Whole Numbers 30; (three dozen) through 3E; (three dozen eleven)

Back issues between 1176; (1962.) and 1184; (1972.) are currently available as web optimized PDF documents. The year 1177; (1963.) was a hiatus year. Click on the icon of the magazine to view a PDF of the corresponding issue.

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161-30 (1962)
Palindromic Numbers,
Linton on Abacus
Churchman’s Metron
Casting Out E;’s

171-31 (1964)
Patterns for El,
Duodecimal Geometry,
Beard’s “Duodecimal

181-32 (1965)
Etymology for Bases,
“Let’s Not Go Metric”
Linton’s Dimensioning
Gilles’ weights & measure

191-33 (1966)
The Bruce Moon Issue:
Decimal Currency,
Conversion algorithm

192-34 (1966)
“Inches & Miles”
Modernize the metric
system, First 5 dozen
decimal powers of twelve

1X0-35 (1967)
Julian dates, New unit
replacing knots, Simpler
sums, Renaissance in

1E1-36 (1968)
Linton’s “Dimensioning
Challenge”, The Hexa-
decimal Issue, Church-
man’s calendar.

1E2-37 (1968)
Kothe’s “Chromatic
Musical Scales and
Notation” part 1,
Math constants

200-38 (1969)
Cesium second, Krypton
meter, Measurement in
general, Kothe continued,
George S. Terry

210-39 (1970)
Kothe’s music part 3,
A dozenal computer,
Accord on measure,
Essig obituary

220-3X (1971)
“Winchester Declarations”
Dozenal measurement,
(metronic system),
Slide rules

230-3E (1972)
Davies’ “A Duodecimal
Calendar”, dismay
over metric,
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Struggling with the Compounding Entrainment of Decimal, Dreaming It Isn’t So

This set of dozen issues trends toward attempting to build consensus over measurement systems, resisting an increasing societal tendency toward decimalization, and examining real-world applications for dozenal concepts. The world has moved on from the postwar era, many nations are adopting metric and decimalizing currency. New standards are being set in place, and the dozen seems locked out of consideration. Tom Linton and others explore the application of dozenal dimensioning, while Henry Churchman builds on his “dometric” system of weights and measure. Kothe writes a three-part essay exploring the development of musical notation, proposing a dozenal approach in the third part. Some members begin to show strain and lose hope over the decimalization of world standards. The “Winchester Declarations” in Vol. 22; and the “Boulder Concepts” on page 6 of the next issue attempt to rally the Membership in the face of an increasingly decimal world. Wishful diagrams like that in Mr. Churchman’s “Quo Vadis” at Vol. 21; Page 18; still project dozenal victory in the world, while the copy of the article rails against the march of decimal metric. The import for submission to standards authorities of a scalable duodecimal measurement system continues in Mr. Churchman’s “Elusive Peace and Base Twelve” in the same issue. The Duodecimal Bulletin begins to publish only once per year near the end of this duodecade of issues. The next few years will see the Duodecimal Bulletin nearly flicker out, leaving the Society struggling. Continue »

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