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DB 501-X0, 11E7; (2011.)
Volume Five Dozen, Number One
Whole Number Ten Dozen
“Celebrating the Long Hundred”

501.02 Cartoon “Hey Son, whatcha readin’, sports page?”
501.03 President’s Message
501.04 (To Be Determined)
501.05 Move over Primes, the Versatiles are Here! / Bill Lauritzen
501.08 [History Professor Speaks to DSA Members (Reprint)
Gene Zirkel, DSA No. 67;]*
501.09 [A Dozen Decades (Reprint) / Alice Berridge, DSA No. 25X; & Gene Zirkel]*
501.0E [Menninger on the Great Hundred / Michael De Vlieger, DSA No. 34E;]*
501.10 Problem Corner (Cryptogram)
501.11 Validating the Dozenal Measure of Angle / Michael De Vlieger, DSA No. 34E;
501.17 Twelfty, or Adventures in Alternating Bases
The Duodecimal Bulletin interviews Wendy Y. Krieger
501.29 Problem Corner (To Be Determined)
501.2X Mathematics and Computer Education (Advertisement)
501.2E The Mailbag
(To Be Determined)
501.32 Join the DSA Today!


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Publication Date: April 2011.

Editor’s Note: This issue is under production, the table of contents may not be fully settled. Asterisks denote articles which may be replaced in their entirety by forthcoming content. The Mailbag aggregates select correspondence, usually regarding the last issue; reader input is aggregating and thus this department is not settled. Peer reviews have not been run on some articles.

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