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DB 4E2-9E, 11E7; (2011.)
Volume Four Dozen Eleven, Number Two
Whole Number Nine Dozen Eleven
“Home Primes”

4E2.02 Cartoon: “Abby awakens from a very bad, thoroughly decimal dream…”
4E2.03 President’s Message
4E2.03 11E7; (2011.) Annual Meeting Notice
4E2.04 Dozens Everyday / The Dozen: Commerce’s Favorite Number / Editor
4E2.05 Minutes of the 2010 Annual Meetings
4E2.07 Featured Figures / Powers of Two and Three
4E2.08 Simon Stevin / Dan Simon, DSA No. 395;
4E2.08 Problem Corner (Logarithms and Bases)
4E2.11 Dozenal Home Primes / Prof. Jay Schiffman, DSA No. 2X8;
4E2.16 Iterations of the Home Primes / Prof. Jay Schiffman, DSA No. 2X8;
4E2.22 Mathematics and Computer Education (Advertisement)
4E2.23 Problem Corner Cryptogram
4E2.24 Key Dozenal Fractions
4E2.25 The Mailbag
Brian Ditter · Timothy Travis · Doris Demarest · Mike Ruocco · Peter Andrews
4E2.29 Dozenal Jottings
D. Goodman III · T. Gaffney · A. Welsh · S. Bruning · G. Steele · S. Berridge
J. Seron · B. Palmere · H. Gonzales-Cabrera · D. Seymour
4E2.29 Next Issue: Celebrating X0; Issues!
4E2.2X Join the DSA Today!


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