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DB 4E1-9X, 11E6; (2010.)
Volume Four Dozen Eleven, Number One
Whole Number Nine Dozen Ten
“Digital Fractional Expansions”

4E1.02 Cartoon “Dozenal conversion is good for business…”
4E1.03 President’s Message
4E1.03 Electronic Publication of the Bulletin / Editor
4E1.04 Robert Roy McPherson, DSA No. 4E; / Obituary
4E1.05 The Duodecimal Bulletin Online Archive / Editor
4E1.07 A Multiplication Oddity / Jean Kelly
4E1.08 Dozenal Counting on Your Fingers / Timothy F. Travis, DSA No. 342;
4E1.08 Problem Corner (Mathematical Symmetry)
4E1.09 On Maximal Repeating Sequences of Decimal Expansions
in Base Twelve / T. J. Gaffney, DSA No. 399;
4E1.10 Featured Figures / Dozenal Fractional Equivalents
4E1.11 A Numeral Toolbox / Michael De Vlieger, DSA No. 34E;
4E1.20 DozensOnline Forum: The Symbols Debate / Editor
4E1.26 Problem Corner (Logarithms and Bases)
4E1.27 Mathematics and Computer Education (Advertisement)
4E1.28 Book Review / Here’s Looking at Euclid / Gene Zirkel
4E1.2E The Mailbag
John Earnest · Erich Kothe · Jeff Wells · Shaun Ferguson
4E1.32 Join the DSA Today!


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Publication Date: November 2010.

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