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DB 4X2-99, 11E6; (2010.)
Volume Four Dozen Ten, Number Two
Whole Number Nine Dozen Nine
“All About Our New Numbers”

4X2.02 Cartoon “Nothing like a brand new deck!”
4X2.03 President’s Message
4X2.03 Everyday Dozens / “Changing 10 to 12, our sentiments exactly!”
4X2.04 An Error in Arithmetic / Jean Kelly
4X2.05 The Opposed Principles (Reprint) / Ralph Beard
4X2.08 Eugene Maxwell “Skip” Scifres, DSA No. 11; / Obituary
4X2.09 Presenting Symbology / Editor
4X2.0E Problem Corner (Mathematical Symmetry)
4X2.0E Why is 1 One? / Prof. Gene Zirkel
4X2.10 A Good History of the Different Notations for Numbers / C. Ashbacher
4X2.11 Symbology Overview (Feature) / Editor
4X2.13 Featured Figures: Overview of Symbologies / Editor
4X2.19 The Mailbag
H. K. Baumeister
4X2.1X Dozenal Mathematical Displays Using LaTeX / Donald Goodman III
4X2.22 Mathematics and Computer Education (Advertisement)
4X2.23 Dozenal Jottings
Albert F. Lopez
4X2.24 Minutes of the 2009 Annual Meetings
4X2.26 Join the DSA Today!


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Publication Date: April 2010.

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