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DB 4X1-98, 11E5; (2009.)
Volume Four Dozen Ten, Number One
Whole Number Nine Dozen Eight
“Reflections on the DSGB”

4X1.03 President’s Message
4X1.04 Join Us for the 11E5; Annual Meeting / Editor
4X1.05 Minutes of the 11E4; Annual Board Meeting / Alice Berridge
4X1.06 Ralph Beard Memorial Award 11E4; » M. De Vlieger
4X1.07 Edmund Berridge, DSA No. 297; / Obituary
4X1.08 Minutes of the 11E4; Annual Membership Meeting / Alice Berridge
4X1.09 A Dozenal Nomenclature / Dr. Owen D. Clayton, PhD.
4X1.0E Problem Corner (Mathematical Symmetry)
4X1.0E Metric Silliness Continues / Jean Kelly
4X1.10 The Mailbag
Charles Dale · Ray Greaves · Dan Dault · Dan Simon
4X1.11 Save a Tree / Prof. Gene Zirkel
4X1.12 Reflections on the DSGB (Feature) / Prof. Gene Zirkel
4X1.17 Some Notes on the History and Desirability of
Using Alternative Number Bases in Arithmetic / Chris Osburn
4X1.21 Featured Figures / First 1000; Digits of Pi
4X1.22 Mathematics and Computer Education (Advertisement)
4X1.24 Dozenal Jottings
New Members Spooner · Sampson · Simon · Leach
4X1.26 Join the DSA Today!


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Publication Date: June 2009.

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