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DB 492-97, 11E4; (2008.)
Volume Four Dozen Nine, Number Two
Whole Number Nine Dozen Seven
“A History of the DSA”

492.03 President’s Message: Introducing Michael De Vlieger, digital production
492.04 The DSA Media Report / Michael De Vlieger
492.05 The New Digital Bulletin / Michael De Vlieger
492.07 Going Classic / Michael De Vlieger
492.09 A History of the DSA / Prof. Gene Zirkel
Birth of the DSA · Our Sister Society
492.16 Timeline of Beard Award Recipients
492.17 Honorary and Life Membership Lists
492.18 Lists of the Fellows of the Society and Officers
492.1E Timeline of the Duodecimal Bulletin
492.20 Problem Corner (Mathematical Symmetry)
492.20 The Mailbag
Trevor de Clercq · Brian Hetrick
492.22 Minutes of the 5 April 11E4; Meeting / Christina D’Aiello Scalise
492.24 Featured Figures / Basic Operations
492.25 Mathematics and Computer Education (Advertisement)
492.26 Join the DSA Today!


Editor: Michael De Vlieger
Method: Digital (Adobe InDesign CS3, Illustrator CS3, AutoDesk AutoCad 2007, Wolfram Mathematica 6.0, FontLab Studio 5.0.2)
Publication Date: December 2008.

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