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DB 011-00, 1161; (1945.)
Volume One, Number One
(Whole Number Zero)
(“The Inaugural Issue”)

011.01 New Year Greeting / F. Emerson Andrews
011.01 Salutation / Ralph Beard
011.02 John Benbow / Obituary / F. Morton Smith
011.03 Endowment / Ralph Beard
011.05 Annual Meeting
011.06 New Friends
011.07 Bibliography
011.08 Res Publicae
011.09 Mathematical Recreations / Mary Lloyd
011.08 On Constructing a Table of Consecutive Squares / George S. Terry
011.0X On Multiplication Tables / Kingsland Camp
011.0X Arithmetriχ / Carl Seelbach & George S. Terry
011.0E Mathematical Cryptogram
011.0E The Special Committees
011.10 Mo for Megro


Editor: Ralph Beard
Method: Physical, Typeset
Archived: Raster, PDF; Digitally remastered 2008.
Publication Date: January 1945.

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