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is an official publication of The Dozenal Society of America, Inc.
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Michael De Vlieger, Editor

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The Duodecimal Bulletin

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The Duodecimal Bulletin is the official publication of the Dozenal Society of America, published twice yearly and distributed electronically to all Members of the DSA. Supporting Members of the DSA are entitled to receive a physical copy of the Duodecimal Bulletin. Click here to read more about the Bulletin.

The Duodecimal Bulletin Digital Archive

Three levels of archive indexing resources are planned:

The Duodecimal Bulletin Archive Index is a broad-view site map of all issues of the Duodecimal Bulletin. Select an issue by its Volume, Number, Whole Number, Editor, or year of publication. Download a digital facsimile of the issue in Adobe PDF format by clicking the designation of the issue of interest. From this index, the tables of contents of some issues are available, and will be made available over time.

The Duodecimal Bulletin Pictorial Synopses Index is a system of indices which display an image of the cover of the Duodecimal Bulletin, along with a brief synopsis of the contents of each issue. Issues are arranged in “duodecades” or units of one dozen issues. Select a duodecade, then select an issue by its Volume, Number, Whole Number, year of publication, or synopsis. Download a digital facsimile of the issue in Adobe PDF format by clicking the image of the issue of interest. From this index, the tables of contents of some issues are available, and will be made available over time.

A Table of Contents (TOC) of each issue of the Duodecimal Bulletin will be produced over time. Several issues such as the Inaugural and the first digitally-produced are currently available. Use the Archive Index or the Pictorial Synopses Indices to select a TOC.

About the Duodecimal Bulletin

The first issue of the Duodecimal Bulletin was published in 1161; (1945.) by Editor Ralph Beard. Since then, it has been published in every year except 1177; (1963.) and during a hiatus between 1187; and 1190; (1975. and 1980.) inclusive. There have been eight Editors and Associate Editors since the inception of the Duodecimal Bulletin. Click here for a list of Editors.

Articles in the Bulletin range from those which describe a fully conceived and often independently developed system of dozenal thought to lighthearted poems and comics revolving around dozenal issues. Click here to view a list of major categories of articles that have appeared in the Bulletin.

The Duodecimal Bulletin features various departments that recur in many issues. For example, The Mailbag and Dozenal Jottings feature letters to the Editor and news from other Members. Click here for a partial list of departments.

Use the Pictorial Synopses Index pages to get a brief overview of the issues, arranged in “duodecades” or groups of one dozen. Use the links at left to jump directly to a given “duodecade” or set of dozen issues.


1945-1949 (011-00 thru 052-11) Ralph Beard
1950-1954 (061-12 thru 0X1-19) George S. Terry
1955-1965 (0E1-1X thru 181-32) Ralph Beard
1966-1967 (191-33 thru 1X0-35) Jamison “Jux” Handy
1968-1970 (1E1-36 thru 210-39) Jamison “Jux” Handy with H. Churchman
1971-1980 (220-3X thru 251-41) Henry Clarence Churchman
1981-1992 (261-42 thru 352-6E) Dr. Patricia Zirkel
1993-2004 (361-70 thru 452-8E) Prof. Jay Schiffman
2005-2008 (461-90 thru 491-96) Prof. Jay Schiffman with Prof. Gene Zirkel
2008-Present (Since 492-97) Michael De Vlieger

Article Categories

• Meeting Minutes: a description of the proceedings of various Meetings of the Society, written by the Secretary.
• Society Events: descriptions of and invitations to various DSA events.
• Personalities: articles written about individuals of interest, obituaries, awards, etc.
• External Issues: discussion of news, current events, trends, and occurences in the general public.
• General Mathematics: articles which explore mathematical topics in general, either executed in dozenal.
• Radix Basics: descriptions of the basic operations in dozenal, conversion between number bases, etc.
• Nomenclature & Symbology: discussion of numerals and names of the numerals needed to represent dozenal numbers.
• Weights & Measures: systems of dozenal measurement and discussion of the SI-metric system versus US Customary or Imperial measure.
• Tools and Methods: discussion of devices that measure the world in dozenal units, methods of dozenal computation.
• References & Resources: tables of mathematical data, charts, etc.
• Music: articles relating dozenal and music.
• Indices and Bibliographies: information which identifies and locates resources of interest.


Dozenal Jottings: notices and news about Members
The Mailbag: letters to the Editor.
Minutes: record of events at various DSA meetings
Featured Figures (Since 2008): a chart that illustrates some aspect of duodecimal mathematics.
Problem Corner (Since 2008): a mathematical puzzle in two parts, answering the previous puzzle and posing a new puzzle.
Puzzle / Dosenile Dept. / Cryptorithm: “classic”-issue mathematical puzzles

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