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Michael De Vlieger, Editor

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The Duodecimal Bulletin Digital Archive

The Duodecimal Bulletin Digital Archive Initiative was conceptualized by Dr. John Impagliazzo, as documented by the minutes of the 5 October 2001 Annual Meeting, retrievable at Vol. 43; No. 1 page 6. The objective of this Digital Archive is to preserve the legacy writings of the Society, and to provide access to all interested parties. Though the academic means to actualize the initiative were absent as evidenced at Vol. 44; No. 1, page 21;, the entire legacy (pre-digital set of back issues) was privately scanned in 2008 and 2009, and furnished on the internet first in June 2009.

Prof. Zirkel granted the future Editor Michael De Vlieger a suitcase full of every back issue on a 2006 visit to the Annual Meeting at Nassau Community College. This trove of dozenal writings was stored in a brick office building in the city of St. Louis, which lies within a seismic zone. The region experienced a small earthquake, underscoring the urgency of preservation of the work by scanning. The 2058; pages of the legacy Bulletin were scanned in page-pairs over the course of several months. By mid 2009, all back issues had been scanned, most of them optimized and available online through a rudimentary index.

We are fortunate that a few gentlemen got together in 1160; to legally form a nonprofit corporation dedicated to duodecimal mathematics, research, and education. The intent of this Archive is to unite the thoughts of today’s dozenal enthusiast with the body of knowledge of the dozenalists who’ve gone before us. Let’s take advantage of what they learned, what we know and the technological power we now command, come to an accord, and bring the world a more efficient tool to deal with quantity.

View the current Duodecimal Bulletin Digital Archive Index for a simple list of links to all back copies. This index is most effective for the dozenalist who is acquainted with the work. The Pictorial Synopses Index is a series of web pages organized in sets of dozens of issues (“duodecades”), showing each issue cover and a brief summary of the contents. In the future, the tables of contents of each issue will be posted. Links to these more detailed synopses will appear in both the main index and the pictorial index.

Dozenalists, this digital archive is the fruition of the labors of all the past Editors and American dozenalists before you. The Dozenal Society of America wants to engage your mind, to engender further discussion and thought on all topics dozenal. We need your input, your involvement, to continue our Society’s mission to conduct research and educate the public in the use of base twelve. In return, we endeavor to give you resources like the Symbology Issues at Vol. 4X; and 4E;, some yet to come. Please join us! Let’s build on the work of two generations of organized American dozenalists and take dozenal thought into the future.

Use the Pictorial Synopses Index pages to get a brief overview of the issues, arranged in “duodecades” or groups of one dozen. Use the links at left to jump directly to a given “duodecade” or set of dozen issues.

Pictorial Archive Notes

These notes appeared at the head of each Pictorial Archive section page, and have been removed to this location to better accommodate viewing the section pages.

The issue designations in this Archive are written in the format Volume-Number-Whole Number. The Volume is a two-character dozenal number. The number is one digit. The Whole number is a two digit dozenal number. The decimal year follows the first number of each volume. All dozenal numbers in this index follow the classic DSA symbology (X, E) rather than the “Bell” symbology used between 1974 and mid 2008.

Each issue is briefly synopsized in the pictorial archive, with one or two suggested topics or articles written below the issue designation. This is not intended to disregard other content in the issue; please review the issue to determine topics or articles of interest to you.

Note that a “full dozenal system” refers to an author’s more or less fully thought out conception of dozenal symbology, nomenclature, (number words and symbols), system of measure, and other general topics. A “dozenal essay” is generally an author’s exposition of duodecimal facts or conclusion that dozenal is an optimum base. A “best base essay” is an author’s attempt at determining “what is the best base”, usually involving an assessment of benefits and drawbacks of numerous number bases.

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